Friday, April 29, 2016

Teen Review

        I am reviewing Hope Is A Ferris Wheel by Robin Herrera & Grounded by Kate Klise

Reviews by Natalie Hayden, Lindenhurst Middle School

Hope Is A Ferris Wheel

This book has a great plot twist that I will not give away!  Star Mackie, the main character, is on a journey to meet her father & try to make some friends. She lives in a trailer park with her Mom & her older sister. Her journey is filled with self doubt, anger & frustration. It is both sad & uplifting. If you like a good cry-this is the book for you!


The main character, Dolly, doesn't have it easy. She lost most of her family (Her father, brother & sister) in a plane crash. Her mother's job as a hairstylist for a funeral home is threatened when a new crematorium opens next door. Dolly realizes she need to do something to save her mother's job so she decides to start throwing "Living" funerals for people. She wants people (who are alive) to get to attend their funerals while they can see their impact on people's lives. Dolly doesn't want everyone's funeral to be sad & depressing. She thinks funerals should celebrate people's lives and energy.

I enjoyed this book.It shows how Dolly perseveres against great odds & stays positive. The story shows how things can get better if we take action & are hopeful. I highly recommend this book.